Citizen’s projects

Citizen projects are local actions that make it possible to concretely improve the daily life of the inhabitants in their neighbourhood, their village, bringing together the strength and skills of all those who want to act.

The European Politics Group implements citizens project that promote a positive opinion about the European-Union, and improve skills of the participant in the following area:

  • Project planning and project management

Since our political activity required the organization of events, we are using these events to train peoples to project planning and management using OpenProject running on our own server.

  • Programming

We are developing web application, back-end services, mobile app for making public opinion survey.

We are developing games for promoting positive position on European matters.

We are developing interactive illustration in JavaScript

  • Do-It-Yourself workshop

We do have a small mobile wood workshop and also several Arduino / Raspberry with a number of actors and actuators that can be used for our DIY events.

  • We are also offering free educational support for people learning French languages but not able to afford commercial offering.