Our toolbox

Our toolbox eases collaborative work

  • For writing

The European Politics Group is offering WordPress user’s account. WordPress is typically used to build a blog, i.e. to manage the articles that we are writing and intending to publish. Our blog is a sub-domain of this website (https://blog.europeanpoliticsgroup.org). A user account can be requested by sending an email to the webmaster (webmaster@mail.europeanpoliticsgroup.org). After having obtain an user account, the group’s member can write articles that support our engagement for Europe. The articles are subject to reviewing. We are also offering translation services done by member of the group for these articles. When an article has been reviewed, the article is typically published on this website, on our Facebook Group and share on our Facebook Page.

  • For planning and managing

The European Politics Group is running an instance of OpenProject on a second dedicated server. You can use the welcome page of this server to learn how to use open project. Feel free to do whatever you want for learning. To access to our on-going projects you will need a login that can be requested by sending an email to the webmaster (webmaster@mail.europeanpoliticsgroup.org).

The European Politics Group is using its own forums platform based on phpBB. The forums objectives are to develop strategies, discuss organizational matters, gather informations such as discussion groups to target, prepare texts and speeches.

  • For presenting

Beamer and screen are availables

  • For communicating

Beyond meeting in person, we are also using Skype for Business at home (it is a web based video conference solution).

  • For protecting your privacy

We are offering email address your.name@mail.europeanpoliticsgroup.org. You mail box is accessible through our email portal.

  • For extending our toolbox

We are developing our own software that may run on a third dedicated server to serve web application or to be the back-end of our software running on mobile devices.  Our software will promote a positive image of Europe or for survey.